Less messy to eat, now less messy to bake!

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Our specially designed Kupcake Konz™ pans make perfect ice cream cone cupcakes every time!

What are ice cream cone cupcakes? They are cupcakes, made with regular cake batter, baked right inside a standard wafer ice cream cone.

Ice cream cone cupcakes have been around for many years, but they can be a bit messy to bake when balancing the cones on cookie sheets or in muffin tins.

Now, no more spills, no more mess! Our Kupcake Konz™ pans allow you to bake, cool, decorate, store and even transport all in one! Kupcake Konz™ pans are designed to hold mini (kid size) ice cream cones -- which are perfect for little hands-- or the large (standard) size ice cream cones. The large pans also hold 3oz cups, which are great for dirt cups or even Jell-O shots for the adults!

Kupcake Konz™ pans go directly on your oven rack and are dishwasher safe!

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